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Since around the year 2000, mobile marketing through a mobile phone has become increasingly popular. Short message service popularly known as SMS has made a remarkable impact in the way Businesses market to a targeted audience.

Initially a lot of unsolicited SMS Mobile Marketing left a bad taste in the mouths of many as with any new thing, you will always have a few that abuse a good system. Obviously a huge amount of Companies and Service providers sold off lists of mobile numbers to the wrong people and this caused a large problem. 

Most of these activities have nowadays been halted by strict privacy policy laws all across the world and Businesses noticed the great potential of Mobile Marketing.  The Mobile Marketing Association and Interactive Advertising Bureau set the boundaries and businesses can nowadays market to the correct targeted audience within these boundaries and it is legal to do so.

Mobile marketing has become very popular worldwide and millions of dollars have been investing in SMS advertising and the systems that drive this powerful marketing beast. 

Bulk SMS systems have become the most popular means of mobile marketing due to its affordability and potential.

SMS short code services also emerged from earlier technology and In America, the first SMS short code campaign launched in 2002. SMS short codes gives you the possibility to send one line with a short powerful message and a code, opposed to sending all information in an SMS.

Short codes are issued to providers in a particular area, which they use for advertising campaigns. The numbers are usually short and easy to memorise and closely monitored by the provider to make sure the client stays within boundaries set by the Advertising Bureau.

Mobile Marketing Companies are pretty much forced to follow basically the same rules as email marketing, double opt-ins and easy opt out methods are all in place in most cases and countries.

Mobile marketing has evolved into a great safe way to gain new Business and if you are unsure of the legal ways of sending out marketing to mobile users, it is best practice to check you’re your provider.

We believe its very important to engage with your clients using Mobile Marketing and you will be astonished at the success rate opposed to conventional ways of marketing. Its simple - people love their mobile devices and the reaction from getting a message on their Mobile phones is vastly different to getting an email.

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