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Influencer Research is Essential for Any Marketing Strategy!

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an AuthoritySpy review and broad overview of its marketing benefits

 The internet is changing!

Everything online is shifting towards authority… Regardless of what type of Marketing you are doing Online, whether its SEO, PPC, Social Media Marlketing or for that matter any other type of Online Marketing, you need to leverage other peoples companies or authority to get somewhere. 

No matter what size your Blog is, you could always use the help of tens of thousands of readers from an Authority Blog or affiliates with massive email lists within your specific Niche. This can have a huge impact on your marketing. It can help you with social proof, branding, driving traffic and ultimately sales.

Problem is finding the Top Authorities in your Niche? It take ages to find them manually and most of the time, you have no idea where to start looking for them.

We would like to introduce you to AuthoritySpy an Adobe Air App which runs on both Mac & PC. AthoritySPy Automates the entire process for you. It finds influencers & Authority faster and easier than ever. You simply type your Niche keywords in and it identifies the most influential people or authority blocks. AuthoritySpy then shows up results with metrics showing you Social results, making it simple to connect. Think of it as keyword research but for People and Blogs.

Start leveraging the Authority of others to Grow your Online Business Today!

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